By signing up for this service you agree to participate for the year. Due to the nature of the program refunds are not available. The shifts begin to occur in your energy field as soon as you sign up. If you've never worked with me before I would recommend purchasing a regular one time session prior to signing up for the Year of Transformation to insure that we work well together.

Please read the statement below before purchasing.

  I am not a health care professional and my work should not take the place of supervised medical            attention. If you have a medical or psychological condition contact a licensed health care provider. I am the facilitator and support for your growth in this program, because of this I make no specific claims of outcomes. While I can help clear obstacles you must follow through to take action on the opportunities in your life.

I love working with clients, and I especially love the trust and rapport that develops from regular session work. Over the years I had gotten such great feedback with people from single sessions that I was curious to see the impact of multiple sessions with my clients. With each session I discovered I could build upon the foundation laid by previous work, leading to greater overall changes.

The goal of the Year of Transformation is to help you uncover and work through blocks, remove any attachments or burdens in your energy field that have been holding you back, introduce you to energetic tools for your growth, and connect you to the aid of wise compassionate spirits.

Have you been looking to create deeper changes in your life? Are you ready to go within and bring forth what you find there? Each of us carry within ourselves gifts waiting to burst forth into the world, but many of us also carry burdens and false projections of the self. Many of these illusions we've accumulated from our family patterns, cultural programming, or through traumatic life experiences.

We are told that we create our life, yet so many of us unconsciously attempt to do so from a worn out societal ideal. We become discouraged and disconnected to the currents of life that surround us. I want to help you rekindle the fires of wonder in your spirit, to reintroduce you to the healing power that exists in the world, and to awaken your own power to shape your destiny. It is for these reasons I created the Year of Transformation.

Transformational energy sessions form the basis for the program. Twelve sessions are spread evenly throughout the year to help keep your energies moving and shifting into new vibrations. Sessions range from working with quantum consciousness techniques to the more ancient practices of shamanic healing. Prayer and ceremony also complement our session work together. Your name will be placed into my Mesa (a medicine bundle of sacred stones). Prayer ceremonies are performed every Friday blessing you consistently week after week. Beyond the weekly prayers there is also the drumming of the four quarters. The drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth and at the four corners of the year, the equinoxes and solstices, I honor the four directions and four seasons of life, helping to anchor the sustaining energies of the natural world into our minds, bodies, and souls. Two readings are included in the program to help offer guidance, one at the beginning and the second midway through the year. Last but not least you will receive the Limit Breaker, an etheric device designed to make it easier to bust through blocks and old patterns.

I love seeing people awaken to their own power, moving forward in their life goals, and healing from the past. Apart from all the ceremonies, sessions, and energetic tools, you also get access to me. I will be available to answer any questions and address concerns at any point during the program.

If you were to purchase all these services separately the total would come close to $1700. However I am offering the program at a discounted rate for a single payment of $888 or twelve monthly payments of $90.  

Year of Transformation Single payment

Year of Transformation Monthly payment