“Thomas Mooneagle has helped me greatly with factors such as energy, anxiety, healing and finance. His genuinely kind, caring and compassionate personality create an aura of comfort that is extremely conducive to his ability to move energy all around you and leave you feeling like you've really been touched. I can't recommend him highly enough!”

Oak Ridge, TN

"Thomas is an amazingly gifted healer. I found myself in Thomas's office during a time in my life when I thought I was losing my mind. He has helped me to understand more about my path and ways I can help myself, and helped me find peace in a very troubled time, when I could find it no where else. I highly recommend his talents & services to anyone looking for clarity and healing."

Louisville, KY

"Thomas has given me invaluable help. The results have exceeded my expectations. Powerful positive changes in my life started processes that are still ongoing. The changes not only affected the present, but also the past in a very tangible way. In my opinion Thomas has integrity, he is supportive and has always been ready to answer any questions I might have. I can highly recommend his services."



"Thomas has gone above and beyond the role of healer, teacher, and friend as he has held my hand on the road to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  One of the things he does that means the most to me is he contacts me to see how I am doing after our sessions."

Lori H.


"Thomas Mooneagle creates a deep sacred space to help me transform. Within 24 hours a nagging illness lifted and my knee improved during the healing session. He is an amazing and gifted energy worker and healer. I have relied on him for his clarity, humor and healing abilities for years now. I highly recommend Thomas Mooneagle as a healer, shaman, and psychic reader."

Sherry Tuegel, Transformational Healer and Teacher

Baltimore, MD

"Thomas is a very powerful and genuine energy healer. I found myself multidimensional as he was working on my energy field. His integrity is commendable."

Vicki Jo Dietz

“I applied Thomas's "Limit Breaker" on some personal challenges I have been having and it worked! Feeling better about the situations and better about myself! Thank you Thomas for developing this awesome technology!”

Steve L
Las Vegas, NV

“What sets Thomas apart from the rest is not only does he have the absolute gift of helping others navigate their lives through a variety of tools specially designed based on their individual needs; he brings a sense of peace and inner calm during the most stressful moments.  It is this special gift that enables his clients to move forward with direction and faith.”

Pasadena, CA

"Thomas Mooneagle is guiding me through the eye of a needle.  Thomas has been working with me to bravely meet the challenge of a personal security threat.  He has given me options for avoiding the challenge or preparing to combat the challenge should the need arise and, he is respecting my choices.  With his help, I am reaching deep to find my personal power.  I am reaching up to accept spiritual power.  I am working out to enhance my physical power--all in case I need to defend myself.  I am purchasing new technology to assist guardians in tracking me and to send aid in case of a critical event.  All of my choices at this point need to be right on.  My goal is to have the predator caught. Thank you Thomas!"




My goal is to provide you with the best service possible to help you meet your goals and overcome the challenges you face.  To that end I beta test any new services I offer thoroughly before I offer it on my store.  To get a better idea of what my services can do for you check out some of the testimonials below.